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Young or aged, varietal or blended, table or dessert, finally, white or red – a whole science is devoted to the production and storage of wine – enology. And only the right glass of wine will allow you to enjoy the unique aroma and rich taste of this noble drink. Choose and purchase beautiful Czech wine glasses for every taste – from Bohemian crystal and glass, you can here

The products have gone through several stages of evolution – from ancient animal horns to modern stylish and functional models. The glasses began to take on the outlines we were accustomed to when the clay, gold, and silver, from which vessels were once made, were replaced by glass. Inverted bell, flute, bowl, smooth walls, or intricate patterns – the design and shape of the container reflected fashion trends.

In the 1950s of the XIX century, thanks to the Austrian glassblower Riedel Klaus, the functionality of the product came to the fore. After conducting a number of studies, he found that wine reveals its taste in different ways in vessels of different shapes and sizes. This discovery inspired him to develop models for the type of drink.

“Burgundy”, “chardonnay” or trumpet – all wine glasses have a long stem on a stand and a bowl. And how they differ from each other and why we will tell in our article

How the shape of the glass affects the taste of wine

This question has been asked by many researchers. Chemically speaking, the fragrance has a multi-layered structure. Evaporating, heavy woody, and earthy notes are concentrated above the surface of the drink, a little higher – mineral and vegetable, above them – fruit and citrus. The richer the palette of flavors, the more volume of the glass is required for the drink in order for the aromatic fractions to be distributed correctly. This allows gourmets to discover the entire bouquet in the right sequence.

The diameters of the bowl and neck play an equally important role. The first provides an optimal area of ​​contact with air. The second one retains the desired aromas and allows unnecessary ones to fade away.

Red wine glasses

Red wines are produced primarily from black grape varieties with a high tannin content. These substances ennoble the taste of the drink, endowing it with rich spicy notes, which are harmoniously combined with a pleasant sourness.

The characteristic features of red wine glasses are a rounded bowl and an impressive volume. The large diameter allows the drink to reveal its complex aroma. And the narrowed neck holds it. The shape and capacity of the container may vary depending on the type of wine for which the product is intended. What are they like?

Glasses for white wine

White wines are made from peeled grapes. Compared to reds, they have a less complex palette of flavors, a lighter texture and increased acidity. The drink is usually served chilled. In a small container (350-450 ml), it does not have time to heat up during use. Consider the types of white wine glasses:

Champagne glasses

Champagne is the most popular sparkling wine produced in the Champagne region. The drink is saturated with carbon dioxide. Because of this, when the bottle is opened, the cork shoots cheerfully, and bubbles appear on the walls of the glass. Like white wine, it is chilled before serving. Thanks to the elongated stem of the wine glass, it does not heat up by hand. There are the following types of champagne glasses:

Glasses for fortified and dessert wine

Fortified wine is a drink with the addition of an alcohol-containing product. May be dry or sweeter. The latter type includes dessert wines. Let’s talk about traditional glasses for them.

What to look for when buying glasses

So, we looked at the main types of wine glasses. And here are some tips on what to look for when buying them.

Form and volume. Astringent red or refreshing white? If the choice seems daunting, choose glasses with a versatile shape and capacity to help the drink open up.

Material. Elegant transparent products made of crystal, traditional or crystal glass will emphasize the noble color of the wine. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages. Crystal attracts with its brilliant shine, bright ringing and an incredible combination of grace and durability. An excellent yet affordable alternative to this material is crystal glass. Products made from it also look solemn. Glassware is the most fragile and economical option.

Design. The grace of patterned glass or the stylish simplicity of sleek? The first ones will become a bright element of table setting. The second – will not distract from the beauty of the drink. Whatever you choose, you can easily combine products from different IKEA series with each other.

Quality. When choosing glasses, be sure to check for chips and other defects on the glass.

How to serve wine correctly

Choosing the right glasses is important. But in order to enjoy the true taste of wine, it must also be served correctly. Let’s share with you some of the secrets of a professional sommelier.

Temperature. Warm wine becomes stronger, while cold wine becomes sour. And only a drink of the optimal temperature is able to reveal the entire palette of tastes. It is different for different varieties. It is believed that red wine should be at room temperature. White, fortified, and sparkling are usually chilled. Often a special bucket of water and ice is used for this purpose. It is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing.

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