Buying YouTube views is as easy and secure as possible. You don’t need to download anything or sign in to your account. For the correct execution of the order, you only need a link to your movie. The video must be fully published and cannot be private / non-public for production to be successful. To find a link to your video, open your YouTube channel in a new tab and select the video you want to buy views for. Copy the link by clicking the Share button and then copy. You can also copy the link from the search bar if you don’t see this option. Go back and choose how many YouTube views you want to buy. Then configure the package with additional parameters (execution speed or account type). In the last step, enter the previously copied link and add the order to the cart. To pay for views on YouTube, you will need a bank account, payment card. We also accept postage, which is slower and does not guarantee immediate fulfillment.

500 youtube views for $1

Views on YouTube

The service will allow you to buy real views on YouTube with earning opportunities (if the channel is eligible for a YouTube partnership). Due to the fact that this is the only service of this type, we expect a significant increase in interest and a slightly longer implementation of the views. At the moment, we will be able to provide from 200 to 1000 views per day for a film from real people. These are ad views, so in addition to generated views, videos can display comments, ratings, and even YouTube subscriptions. At the moment, this is the most effective method of promoting videos and the entire YouTube channel, because we provide potential viewers who may be interested in your work in the future. We do not influence the length of time a viewer watches the film (viewing time), but the more dynamic and interesting the film is, the longer the show will be. Importantly, in the case of views on YouTube, the video must be available worldwide, without any restrictions or account blocking. In the case of niche videos, the promotion can even take several days, and this is normal procedure in the case of receiving impressions from ads.

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